The Hotel

DenGamleArrest 200The hotel is the main attraction, - visiting it will be a unique experience. It has accomodation on all three stories.

The bridal suite is situated on the ground floor, arranged in the former gaolkeeper’s bedroom. Local artisans have created a really special room, with a fourposter bed, a bar, and a big bathroom with a tub. - The suite has it’s own private entrance.

The whole second floor has differnt sized rooms arranged in prison cells, - this was formerly the county gaol. They all have a little raised platform (a hems in Danish) for optimal space utilization. The beds are rolled out from under this hems when you want to sleep.

These are simple, healthy rooms, supplied with a wash-basin, - bathroom and toilet are at both ends of the passage. No unnecessary details disturb the eye or soul in these cells, - here one can become absorbed in oneself, - or each other.

There is also a family room on this floor.

The cells face a storks’ nest, the only inhabited one in Ribe, and there is a beautiful view of the old town and the sensuous courtyard garden.

The top floor has cosy attic rooms, decorated in a peach colour scheme.

Hotel Den Gamle Arrest i Ribe - Telefon +45 75 42 37 00 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.