The History of “The Old Prison”

Hist Outside 200"The Old Prison” was built in 1546. - Originally it was a residence provided for the assisting priest at the Cathedral.

Seen from outside it is obvious that the building originally only had one storey. In 1841 it was converted into a girls’ school and two stories were added.

Then, from 1891 - 1989, a period of almost a 100 years, the building was a prison.

In 1990 the building was sold privately to the present owner, who took over the building as it was, just as the prisoners had recently left it.

The house is protected - the Consevation Authorities stressed the importance of making the latest function visible to present days visitors, even after renovation, so now it still bears the air of a prison

The shop was the first to be completed, in 1990. Then came the hotel in 1992. The restaurant, kitchen and cellar shop with hand dipped candles, etc. was established in 1993, and finally, in 1996 the spacious, sensuous garden in the courtyard was developed.

The owner has been awarded two prizes for this renovation, which is to the benefit and pleasure of all those who wish to visit the place and enjoy an atmosphere of past and present in perfect harmony.

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