Set out to discover an exciting building

“The Old Prison” will give you plenty of exciting adventures in the four stories, and a large, sensuous walled-in garden, with a view of Ribe’s only storks’ nest on top of the old townhall.

storkOn the ground floor you will find a shop with a varied collection of unusual, exciting ladies clothing.

Also here is a cosy cafè.

The hotel consists of cosy rooms with sloping attic walls on the top floor, various prison cells on the second floor, and a special bridal suite on the ground floor, with e.g. a fourposter bed and a bar.

In the cellar, previously dungeons, you will find hand dipped candles in all kinds of shapes and colours, characteristic serviettes, and handicrafts.

The prison courtyard has been transformed into a sensuous garden with fragant roses and in summertime your fingers can caress stone sculptures - in short, this garden will activate all your senses!

The brick walls in the courtyard bear the prisoner’s inscriptions: their names, addresses, the date and year, the length of their sentences - their longing for women and wine.

Hotel Den Gamle Arrest i Ribe - Telefon +45 75 42 37 00 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.