Some weekend arrangements have been held here e.g. “Ribe - in the Viking Age, the Middle Age, and present day”.Other subjects that have been brought up are “Dream interpretation”, “Parties”, “Autobiography”, “Style, shape, and colour”, “Wine tasting”, and “Modern Danish Literature”.

If a groupof at least 22 people suggest a programme for a weekend they would like to hold here, I would be happy to be at their disposal.

Everyone can at times feel the need for innovation in their everyday life, - not to say that there has to be something wrong with their daily life, but just to enrichen it.

Generally people only utilize 20% of their potential capacity, their possibilities - the rest is never cultivated!

Just imagine so many new sides to yourself you can discover. You have no idea how much you can develop. Creativity and joie de vivre can enhance your energy. You can create a more exciting life, both for yourself and for others!

It does you good to leave your everyday life behind you for a little while, so you can better get an overview, - see what exactly it contains. Restricting, frozen patterns can be dissolved if you cast new light on them. - By awakening new energy you can perhaps simplify your life, so it is easier to see what is important and what is irrelevant.

Many people can’t find their roots nowadays, - maybe because life and technology move so fast that they are taken by surprise!

How can we become firmly anchored and create our own personal and family identity?

Events - Ribe

Hotel Den Gamle Arrest i Ribe - Telefon +45 75 42 37 00 - Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.